Enormous rush on biomass conference: More than 1,100 participants welcomed

Visitors from all continents – 45 nations on the whole

The 4th Central European biomass conference is a great success for the organisers. From the 15th to 18th January more than 1,100 guests informed themselves about political, economic and technological developments in the field of energetic biomass utilisation. Also the international orientation of the biggest biomass conference in Austria was once again highlighted: Visitors from 45 nations and from all continents travelled to Graz. Chairman of the Austrian Biomass Association, Horst Jauschnegg, commenting on this incident: “Austrian bioenergy know-how is of huge interest all over the world!” “The European Union has to lead the way in the fight against climate change and has to put the energy system on renewable foundations.” “A sustainable, save, competitive and climate-friendly energy supply can only be guaranteed if the energy and climate policy of the European Union and their member states is focused on a 100% change to a high efficient and renewable energy system with ambitious long-term measures and a clear way to this aim”, claims Horst Jauschnegg. 

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The talks are collected in the conference proceedings and from the 20th of January all documents will be ready for download on the conference website. The presentations will also be available for download. Further information on this topic and images of the conference: www.cebc.at/en

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Austrian Biomass Association,

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